Work Comp, GL and Auto Claim Audits

Save money by conducting a annual review of your TPA's or in house departmental work 

Is this the year you decide to audit your TPA or claims department? Is this the year to start focusing on those performance guarantees?


Working with municipalities of all sizes, The Jenkins Agency Inc. has conducted claim audits which resulted in over a $100,000 in savings. We assess the efficiency and effectiveness of your present claims administrator in part, by: 


§  ensuring all provisions of the contract are being met

§  testing and validating performance guidelines

§  assess timeline of the initiation of weekly benefits

§  appropriateness of the use of outside investigative services

§  evaluation the finalization and closure of claims

§  examining the effective use of diary system and the accuracy of claim reserves

§  examine their ability to control of medical costs

§  examining the effective use of claims investigation techniques


 Are you sure your TPA has not overpaid Workers Compensation, General Liability or Commercial Auto claims? If your TPA is working on an “at risk” basis, don’t leave money on the table. Schedule an affordable low cost audit today.

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