Supplemental Voluntary life Cancer and Critical Illness Coverage, No Employer Cost

$1000 per child per year up to the 10th grade.

No purchase necessary. 

Do you have 3 or more employees? Do you offer employee benefits? Maybe you do or maybe you don't. Either way, if you've had any experience with today's health care insurance market, then you know the deductibles and out-of-pocket cost are out of control.

So how do feel about a paying $9.18 a week, for a benefit that provides a $2500 cash benefit you can use toward your deductible? Or a plan that pays $50 once you show proof that you've gone to the doctor for a wellness check, A plan that pays you cash the minute you're diagnosed with cancer, become disabled or have an accident. A plan that is low cost to the employee and no cost to the employer with simple enrollment and little to no underwriting. 

Voluntary benefits allow the employee to customize their own benefits and select coverage that's right for them. Voluntary benefits are the future of health care. In addition, with this plan, employees have access a college scholarship benefit that allows them to accumulate credits that can be redeemed as cash when their child is ready for advanced learning.

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College Scholarship Program, No Purchase Necessary!

It's true! You can now offer hospital supplement, accident, cancer coverage, disability, life and dental insurance, at no cost to you while introducing your employees to a college scholarship program that provides, $1000 per child, per family every year up to the 10th grade. 

Over 25,000 employers currently offer the program and students benefited from over $45 million in scholarship rewards.

Take advantage of this joint marketing opportunity between some of America best colleges and one of America's best insurance company. Make voluntary benefits available to your employees today!

Jeff S, Jenkins, CEO


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