SORM Mexico Auto Program

Ms. Michelle Tooley

Senior Insurance Consultant

State Office of Risk Management

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Ms. Jacqueline Baynard

Insurance Manger

State Office of Risk Management

P.O. Box 13777, Austin, TX 78711

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The Jenkins Agency Inc. under the direction of the Texas State Office of Risk Management (SORM) is please to provide employees of the State of Texas with cost effective comprehensive auto insurance when traveling to Mexico. In the past, proof of financial responsibility was required only in the event of an accident (no matter how small). Now, the new law requires proof of Mexican liability insurance at all times. Drivers can now be asked for proof of insurance at checkpoints, border crossings, or traffic stops, and ticketed if they do not have proof of appropriate coverage. U.S. auto insurance is invalid in Mexico. 

If you’re involved in an accident or loss, do the following:

  • Remain at the scene with the parties involved until authorities arrive
  • Do not accept any responsibility, or make any arrangements with other parties involved
  • Report all claims to your insurer before leaving Mexico. 
  • If you suffer the total loss or theft of your vehicle in mainland Mexico (outside Baja California or mainland border towns), be sure to cancel/surrender your vehicle permit to authorities before leaving the country.

Apply for Coverage

Complete the form below, then click the “submit” bottom.  Once the form has been submitted you will receive a confirmation email letting you know that your information has been received. You will then be contacted by a representative from The Jenkins Agency, Inc. who will finalize the process.  As a part of that conversation, please be prepared to provide:


  • your date of birth
  • your drivers license
  • the license plate of the vehicle your driving
  • whether this is a state owned vehicle or your personal vehicle


If you are not contacted within 24 hrs of your submission or if you have any questions regarding the application process, please call the 866-226-4311.

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