The Jenkins Agency Inc. is pleased to partner with some of the country's top consulting firms. If your firm is responding to an RFP and would like make The Jenkins Agency Inc. a part of your team, feel free to download the material below for your RFP.

We also understand the need for privacy. Information about your pricing and approach is considered proprietary and confidential. In addition, The Jenkins Agency Inc. follows all HIPPA rules and each of our employees are required to sign a confidentially statement. 

Jeff Jenkins can be reached at 972-742-8862

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Quest for Success Letter  8/5/201525.73 KBDownload
Quest for Success  4/28/201563.98 KBDownload
Jeff Jenkins BIO  1/19/2017152.52 KBDownload
Rosalind Frantroy Bio  5/23/2016142.95 KBDownload
Texas Small Business Award  6/7/2015206.67 KBDownload
Texas HUB Expires 202010/22/20161.12 MBDownload
Small Business Award  4/28/2015284.78 KBDownload
Fort Worth Independent School District  4/28/201568.26 KBDownload
2017 Texas SBE Certification  2/22/2017175.84 KBDownload
2017 Texas DBE Certification  2/22/2017172.31 KBDownload
2017 MBE Certification  2/22/2017175.08 KBDownload
Dale Jenkins BIO  1/18/2017168.38 KBDownload
Demetrice Gammage   1/18/2017289.22 KBDownload
Dallas Cowboy Stadium Project  4/28/2015158.62 KBDownload
Dallas Community College District  4/28/201543.54 KBDownload
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