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Private Disability Insurance   9/7/2016836.48 KBDownload
Principal UL Life Application   1/19/20191.71 MBDownload
Principal Term Life Application   1/19/20191.83 MBDownload
Products and Services   3/11/2018611.99 KBDownload
Protecting Your Business, Protecting You  4/12/20181.65 MBDownload
Property Survey   6/5/2017232.34 KBDownload
Property Damage Study  7/21/2016207.53 KBDownload
New Tax Law  4/10/20181.15 MBDownload
Negligent Hiring Claims  5/20/20161.66 MBDownload
Natural Disasters  7/16/2014424.30 KBDownload
Optimizing Third-Party Administration Selection  11/13/2014376.69 KBDownload
Preparing for a Flood  9/16/2016327.36 KBDownload
Pay as Go Work Comp   3/20/2019852.96 KBDownload
Outsourcing Management   10/25/2014259.90 KBDownload
Public Official Bond  8/31/201631.35 KBDownload
School Security  12/17/20142.56 MBDownload
Save on Your Group Health Coverage  10/6/20168.31 MBDownload
Return to Work Best Practices  10/25/2014301.99 KBDownload
Selling Your Small Business   9/1/2016207.60 KBDownload
Slip and Fall Management  5/20/20163.29 MBDownload
Set up a 401k plan  7/25/201741.26 KBDownload
Service Plan   5/9/2017249.72 KBDownload
Recruit and Retain Great Drivers  4/11/2019886.61 KBDownload
Real Estate E&O Examples  7/27/201652.89 KBDownload
Quick Quote Best Practices   6/16/2016295.72 KBDownload
Religious Institutions  7/3/20141.45 MBDownload
Retirement Planning  9/20/20162.05 MBDownload
Retirement and Pension Plans   5/8/201874.51 KBDownload
Restaurants / Bars  3/19/2019715.72 KBDownload
Investment Property, Apartments, Condo's  6/23/2016295.57 KBDownload
Internet Safety  1/10/2015149.81 KBDownload
Insurance Terms and Definitions  7/8/2016310.87 KBDownload
It's More than a Home  12/2/20161,021.79 KBDownload
Jenkins Capabilities  4/13/2019958.43 KBDownload
Jeff Jenkins, Bio  5/15/2019126.10 KBDownload
Janitorial Bond   4/11/2018126.43 KBDownload
How to Handle Work Comp Claims  10/21/20143.79 MBDownload
How does the General Liability policy work?   12/23/2016821.79 KBDownload
Hotel / Motels  3/19/2019441.97 KBDownload
How to Lower Your Work Comp Cost   7/19/2014288.49 KBDownload
Injury Back to Work Best Practices  10/21/2014203.23 KBDownload
HRA Claim Form  1/19/2019115.20 KBDownload
How Umbrella Coverage Works  9/1/201673.09 KBDownload
Jenkins Claim Audits  5/15/2019409.72 KBDownload
Medical Bill Review Case Study  10/21/2014522.57 KBDownload
Medicaid Estate Recovery  6/16/2016150.90 KBDownload
Management Liability  6/13/20171.09 MBDownload
Medicare and LTC  6/16/2016216.01 KBDownload
Minorities in Business   9/2/2016365.70 KBDownload
MetLife Home and Auto Application   4/15/2019145.91 KBDownload
Medication Review Case Study  10/21/2014739.71 KBDownload
Key Person Insurance for Business   9/19/2016504.77 KBDownload
Jenkins OCIP Services   5/15/2019424.32 KBDownload
Jenkins Commercial Lines Checklist  12/13/2016202.71 KBDownload
Life Insurance Myth vs Fact  9/1/2016165.84 KBDownload
Liquor Liability  5/10/2016112.09 KBDownload
Life Term vs Permenant  9/8/2016722.48 KBDownload
Life Policy Cash Value  6/30/2015168.50 KBDownload
What is Critical Illness Insurance?  5/10/201671.13 KBDownload
What does the GL policy cover?  12/7/2016503.19 KBDownload
Volunteering a Family Affair  1/7/20153.71 MBDownload
What is Key Person insurance?  12/2/201644.98 KBDownload
Why Cyber Liability Insurance  6/16/2016868.31 KBDownload
When Tort Limits are Not Enough  12/17/2014533.26 KBDownload
What to do in case of a loss  2/20/2017176.27 KBDownload
Understanding the Insurance Certificate  9/19/2016166.57 KBDownload
Understanding Hired and Non-Owned Auto Liability  1/8/2018464.94 KBDownload
Travel, Protected  7/26/20172.61 MBDownload
United Health Care   7/30/2018347.30 KBDownload
Voluntary Benefits at No Cost to the Employer 866-226-4311  11/4/20171.56 MBDownload
Virtual Doctor Office Visits   12/13/2017137.56 KBDownload
Vacant Properties  7/29/2014233.47 KBDownload
Why Directors and Officers Liability Insurance  6/16/2016254.99 KBDownload
Worker Compensation Coverage   7/7/20161.75 MBDownload
Work Place Violence  8/18/2014349.95 KBDownload
Work Place of the Future  10/25/20142.17 MBDownload
Workers Comp Facts  6/16/201681.76 KBDownload
Your Guide to Exploring with Confidence  7/26/20171.81 MBDownload
Wrap-up Insurance Programs  5/10/2016130.17 KBDownload
Workers Compensation No Loss Affidavit  10/10/201723.21 KBDownload
Women in Business   9/2/2016304.99 KBDownload
Why Life Insurance   9/7/2016105.48 KBDownload
Why EPLI Coverage  6/16/2016300.89 KBDownload
Work Comp 1st Report Injury Form   8/23/2017122.48 KBDownload
Work Comps New Look  6/14/2016408.23 KBDownload
Work Comp Best Practices  10/17/2014332.08 KBDownload
Work Comp Audit Best Practices   5/31/2017347.72 KBDownload
Tax Treatment of Employer Paid Life Insurance  6/30/2015150.82 KBDownload
Tax Incentives  10/25/201467.30 KBDownload
Surety Bonds  3/15/2019107.86 KBDownload
Term and Whole Life Comparision  9/16/20162.20 MBDownload
Texas State Continuation  1/4/201986.34 KBDownload
Texas Mutual Overview  10/21/20141.17 MBDownload
Texas Mutual E-Learning System   8/7/2017973.32 KBDownload
Social Media and the Insurance Implications  5/10/201696.24 KBDownload
Small Employers and Self-Funding Benefits   6/14/2016111.38 KBDownload
Small Business Legal Concerns  9/1/201674.36 KBDownload
Social Services   3/14/2019284.80 KBDownload
Stock Throughput Coverage   5/18/2018143.17 KBDownload
Sprinkler Inspection  9/16/2015139.83 KBDownload
Sprain and Strain Prevention  8/18/2014709.39 KBDownload
The Advantages of an Index Fixed Annuity  7/26/20181.08 MBDownload
The Value of Key Person Insurance  9/8/2016269.88 KBDownload
The Value of a Flexible Spending Account (FSA)   9/28/2017910.70 KBDownload
The state of U.S. Small Business Owners  9/2/2016424.71 KBDownload
Themograghic Surveys  1/19/2019940.07 KBDownload
Transfer of Life Insurance Value  6/30/2015152.63 KBDownload
Total Medical Cost Realigned  12/17/2014475.64 KBDownload
Thermal Imaging  10/20/2014432.99 KBDownload
The Importants of Critical Care Coverage   9/7/2016378.75 KBDownload
The Impact Litigation on a Small Business  7/19/2016269.11 KBDownload
The Ethical Use of Social Media  12/17/20141.23 MBDownload
The Insurance Audit   7/7/2016790.93 KBDownload
The Personal Umbrella  9/19/201673.09 KBDownload
The Litigation Process  10/28/201435.94 KBDownload
The Jenkins Agency   12/2/2016461.11 KBDownload
Hospital Supplement Plan   12/13/2017567.62 KBDownload
Cannabis Solutions  3/19/2019118.31 KBDownload
Business Necessity Or Language Discrimination  6/20/2016772.91 KBDownload
Business Interruption Coverage  1/22/2018532.90 KBDownload
Cell Phone Use Best Practices   5/20/20161.78 MBDownload
Certificates of Insurance   5/20/20161.24 MBDownload
Certificate Tracking  5/8/2019627.51 KBDownload
Census Worksheet  1/13/201750.50 KBDownload
Building Inspection Check List   7/14/2016109.17 KBDownload
Building Class Codes   5/16/20171.10 MBDownload
Builders Risk Coverage Form   4/5/2018222.68 KBDownload
Business Continuation Buy Sell Agreements  12/30/20161.10 MBDownload
Business Insurance Check Up  10/25/2014221.30 KBDownload
Business Income Interruption Worksheet  10/31/201421.02 KBDownload
Business Income Interruption Coverage  10/31/20141,020.68 KBDownload
Changing the Culture of Risk  12/17/20142.80 MBDownload
CNA Texas Dishonesty Bond  12/17/2018195.61 KBDownload
Claims Prep and Mitigation   4/15/2019176.27 KBDownload
Churches, Camps and Retreats   6/21/2016491.11 KBDownload
Commercial Crime Claims   10/28/2014111.10 KBDownload
Common Equipment Failures And Causes  8/16/20171.12 MBDownload
Commercial Policy Coverage Summary Sheet  12/13/201631.63 KBDownload
Commercial Insurance Coverage Gaps  1/8/2019551.87 KBDownload
Church Mutual Coverage   1/11/2017822.26 KBDownload
Chubb Passport 360  7/27/20172.86 MBDownload
Chubb BTA 360  7/27/20177.71 MBDownload
Church Mutual School and University Coverage   1/11/2017498.64 KBDownload
Church Safety, Children as Volunteers  7/19/20141.50 MBDownload
Church Risk Reporter  1/19/2019455.25 KBDownload
Church Mutual Senior and Assistant Living   1/11/2017634.91 KBDownload
Accident Scene Diagram   8/16/20172.32 MBDownload
Abuse Training Presentation  10/19/2015957.85 KBDownload
Abuse Response Planning  10/19/2015425.41 KBDownload
Allied Medical and Health Related Risk  7/19/2016292.38 KBDownload
Apply for Flood Insurance Here  10/10/201760.38 KBDownload
American with Disability's Act  12/17/2014508.77 KBDownload
American Nation Life Application  7/25/2017526.23 KBDownload
7 Steps to Getting Out of Debt  9/16/2016199.41 KBDownload
2017 Security Guard Application  2/1/2017776.36 KBDownload
15 Passenger Van Best Practices  10/24/2014160.17 KBDownload
A Plan for Every Business  1/4/2019446.30 KBDownload
Abuse Reportiing Requirement   10/19/2015203.63 KBDownload
Absence Management   10/25/2014357.03 KBDownload
A Retirement Plan for Every Business  9/4/2018446.87 KBDownload
Apply for Life Insurance Here  9/29/2016630.57 KBDownload
Benefit Enrollment Form   5/1/2018545.79 KBDownload
Benefit Compliance  12/17/2014158.75 KBDownload
Beam Dental  11/10/20181.97 MBDownload
Benefit Statements  11/20/20171.64 MBDownload
Bond vs Insurance  9/16/201641.20 KBDownload
Blue Direction for Small Business Owners  8/29/2018544.82 KBDownload
Benefits Communication, Enrollment and Administration  11/4/20174.32 MBDownload
Associations, Community Groups and Leagues  6/21/2016100.05 KBDownload
Artisans Contractors  6/23/20161.05 MBDownload
Architect & Engineers Liability  6/13/20171.48 MBDownload
Auto Insurance   6/7/2018199.83 KBDownload
BCBS On-Line Tools   12/1/20161.86 MBDownload
BCBS List Bill  12/11/2018222.22 KBDownload
Background Checks   5/8/2017235.13 KBDownload
Extension of FMLA to Same Sex Couples  5/10/2016216.82 KBDownload
Executive Bonus Plan   11/5/2017771.05 KBDownload
Executive Action on Health Care   11/4/2017113.19 KBDownload
Faith Guard Coverage   10/5/2016388.54 KBDownload
Financial Wellness  9/5/2017968.28 KBDownload
Final Expense  2/28/2019926.23 KBDownload
Filling Request Form   11/15/2017104.57 KBDownload
Employment Practices Liability  6/14/2016113.58 KBDownload
Employee Benefit Census Form   5/8/2018283.21 KBDownload
Emergency Planning  7/16/2014157.88 KBDownload
Employment Practices Liability Insurance  6/23/2016297.55 KBDownload
Errors and Omissions Coverage by Industry  9/2/2016291.87 KBDownload
Equipment Coverage  6/23/2016433.15 KBDownload
Enterprise Risk Management  7/29/20141.82 MBDownload
Finding College with Life Insurance  9/7/2016133.48 KBDownload
Guide to Health Insurance for People with Medicare  4/17/2018850.51 KBDownload
Guard Against Slip and Fall Claims  7/29/2014228.69 KBDownload
Group Insurance: More Important than Ever  6/14/2016739.37 KBDownload
Hartford Work Comp Claim Reporting   8/23/2017337.42 KBDownload
Home Insurance   6/7/2018430.14 KBDownload
Home Health Care   3/14/20191.04 MBDownload
Health Care Marketplace Documentation  10/31/201485.06 KBDownload
Fleet Safety Programs   5/20/2016818.23 KBDownload
Fire Prevention  10/15/2014181.02 KBDownload
Fire Facts  9/6/201670.48 KBDownload
Focus on Religious Organizations  8/16/20173.09 MBDownload
Glossary of Insurance Terms   3/3/2017307.04 KBDownload
General Liability Insurance  9/7/2016878.25 KBDownload
Free College Scholarship Program   10/2/20171,018.46 KBDownload
Cyber Liability  1/10/2015101.16 KBDownload
Crime Prevention Flier  8/18/2014334.56 KBDownload
Creating Key Performance Indicators   7/13/20167.58 KBDownload
Cyber Liability and Business Interruption   5/18/20181.41 MBDownload
Dale S. Jenkins, Bio  5/15/2019129.60 KBDownload
Cyber Liability Data Breach Study  10/4/2016712.64 KBDownload
Cyber Liability Claim Examples   7/27/2016813.29 KBDownload
Contractors and Construction   6/21/2016582.85 KBDownload
Consumers Guide to Life Insurance   7/13/20161.36 MBDownload
Construction Building Codes Types  9/30/20161.10 MBDownload
Convenience Stores  6/23/2016306.64 KBDownload
Coverage for Senior Living Centers  8/16/2017640.12 KBDownload
Coverage for Camps   8/16/2017832.00 KBDownload
Coverage for Apartments and Condo's   7/19/2017343.11 KBDownload
Daycare Operations  9/26/20181.19 MBDownload
Doctors by Phone   9/4/2018914.87 KBDownload
Distracted Drivers  7/16/2014103.63 KBDownload
Dishonesty Bond  4/11/2018198.89 KBDownload
Driver Evaluation  7/16/201445.38 KBDownload
Electrical Safety  9/6/2016150.45 KBDownload
Drone Insurance  3/14/2019153.07 KBDownload
Drivers List  1/4/201710.56 KBDownload
Determining Life Insurance Needs  6/30/2015215.73 KBDownload
Depart Worry Free  7/26/20171.03 MBDownload
Dealer Programs   6/23/2016246.13 KBDownload
Directors & Officers  6/23/2016661.97 KBDownload
Disaster Preparedness  7/16/20141.71 MBDownload
Disability insurance 101  4/26/2015102.70 KBDownload
Disability Disconnect  4/26/2015867.88 KBDownload
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